Monday, December 26, 2016

Can't Appeal To The Judges

I guess it's settling down a bit, but I still see a lot of people expressing the desire/belief that This One Big Thing will stop Donald Trump from being president. I assume after that This One Big Thing will lead to impeachment, etc. It doesn't matter if there's a Russian orgy video or tapes of Trump being racist. It will not stop him from taking office and will not cause him to leave office.

Certainly not against people pointing out that Trump will likely have committed impeachable offenses the day he takes office and every day after that. But impeachment is a political act requiring the party controlling the House to act to even begin the process. Republicans aren't going to do it because you could prove Donald Trump did Benghazi and they wouldn't care.. The press isn't going to demand it, because only Democrats do naughty things that don't require us to look forward, not backward.

Fight the agenda. The man isn't going anywhere.