Friday, December 02, 2016

Do Better

Post-election every critique seems to be interpreted as saying "Clinton would've have won if only, ...". I don't know what the Clinton campaign should have done. I do know what Democrats should have been/should be doing better generally. The first thing is to have simple policy proposals. The complexity of life is sometimes as draining as its expense. And, yes, the back end of any government policy is going to be complicated, that's why you hire people to run the bureaucracy. You don't have the to make it complicated for people to use. The second is to take credit for them (or don't pass them if you don't think you should.) Whatever the flaws of Obamacare, there's good stuff in there. The Obama administration touts this stuff but I rarely see other Dems do it. The third is to realize that most of the country loves the policies the Washington Post editorial board hates. That's the DC bubble.