Saturday, December 24, 2016

They Know Even Less Than What They Say

A big problem both here and the UK is that self-styled experts don't know much more than the punters down out the local pub. I get that broadcast journalists especially have to deal with a large range of subjects that they can't possibly be experts in, but they should at least know they aren't experts. It's one thing to host an interview with an actual expert, quite another to decide you are one.

And, yes, it's the kind of criticism which has long been leveled at mere bloogers. What do they know? Well, what the fuck does Joe Scarborough know? Ross Douthat? David Brooks? Tom Suck On This Friedman? When Big Media Inc pays me mid 6 figures or higher to pontificate and I'm feted as an expert everywhere, I'll take that criticism.

My favorite thing is when "elites" whine about how it's dangerous that the masses don't respect their guidance anymore. Give me a list of people whose guidance I should respect...