Monday, December 19, 2016

This-a-Way, That-a-Way

I'm amused by more "centrist" types, who normally can be seen tone policing and hitting the fainting couch at a hint of bad language while informing the dirty hippies how writing sternly worded columns from highly paid magazine perches is the only form of appropriate respectful dissent in modern democracies, are now discovering radical protest movements and embracing words like "resistance."

They'll be back to tone policing soon. The coalitions for street protests are messy. You can't control who shows up. Have you seen how rude some of those signs are? Also, too, people get hurt, and it's hard to fully appreciate Michigan football from a hospital bed.

More seriously, if you want to lead "the resistance," get out in the streets yourselves.

I remember back when some of us were trying to stop a war (a futile endeavor, we all knew). Most of the liberal media, including the actual liberal parts, devoted their attention to finding authoritarian commies and anti-Semites in the protest crowds, instead of talking to the nice Quakers who often organized the things. Always with sorrow, about how what could have been a noble and honorable protest movement was led astray. Very sad. harumph. Radical actions attract radical people, some of them with repugnant views. Centrist magazines also attract people with repugnant views. The world is complicated. It'll be funny to watch people who did their best to undermine a protest they disagreed with, taking their rhetorical 2X4s to it whenever possible, see the same tactics directed at them.

It'll last a month. There are sammiches and Lay's potato chips to be eaten at Mar-a-Lago, after all.