Friday, December 09, 2016

Urban Renewal

Trump likes it. It's what's going to fix Hell St.

Who knows what Trump means by it, but back in the day urban renewal meant (among other things), "slum"-clearing and urban highways (often a twofer). I think the problems with slumclearing are rather obvious, but the problems with building urban highways are hard to understand without looking at the proposed projects which weren't built, as the appetite and money for them waned. Most of those projects would seem absolutely crazy to do now, but the point is that most of the projects that are now just parts of the accepted landscape were equally crazy.

Locally my favorite (though it isn't the only one) is the Crosstown (South Street) Expressway. It's easy to see what would have been lost if it had been built, and hard to see what was lost by similar projects in the past.