Wednesday, December 28, 2016

We Do Love Our Children

Except for that thing where he gave a private company lots of money so that kids didn't have substitutes for an entire year because turning substitutes into outsourced temp positions make so much sense, he's great!
His one minus, in the eyes of his bosses, was the failure of the district's efforts in 2015 to outsource its substitute-teaching services to a private contractor, Soure4Teachers, which was long on promises but short on delivery.

Hite acknowledged the failure, fired Source4Teachers within a year and turned to a new outside firm, Kelley Services. The result is not perfect, but Hite said the district is filling about 70 percent of the substitute teacher slots each day, about double what it was last year.

Except for that part thinking that letting private companies skim profits in order to pay substitutes a minimum wage equivalent, because we do so love our children, he's great!

Of course "everybody" thinks the Philadelphia schools are horrible because a city full of black people can't govern itself, but the district is run by the state, we have grifter charter school laws which requires that they get all the money first, and the local newspapers usually cheer on any bullshit that involves handing over whatever little money the district gets to outside companies.

Because the problem is teachers, and we do so love our children, and wasting money on consultants and other grifts is the best way to show our love. For the children. Because we love them.

I'd bet a cheesesteak that no one on the editorial board has any kids in the district.