Sunday, January 08, 2017

And That Other Thing

I also don't get the obsession with urban farming. I'm not talking about taking vacant lots and using them for community lots or small-scale commercial gardening or rooftop herb gardens for restaurants, I'm talking about this weird idea that we should put the most land-intensive economic activity in places with the absolute highest land values and where the least land per person is used, and that somehow this is environmentally friendly.
Vertical farming can allow former cropland to go back to nature and reverse the plundering of the earth.

And where will the people go? The exurbs where they take up more land?
Today in the U.S., vertical farms of various designs and sizes exist in Seattle, Detroit, Houston, Brooklyn, Queens, and near Chicago, among other places. AeroFarms is one of the largest. Usually the main crop is baby salad greens, whose premium price, as Ed Harwood realized, makes the enterprise attractive.

You aren't going to feed people this way. You might provide them with some fresh boutique crops. Great, fine.

Anyway, this is one of those subjects where I just turn beet red and start screaming THIS IS SO STUPID DON'T ANY OF YOU UNDERSTAND WHY IT'S SO STUPID WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK CITIES ARE FOR ANYWAY YEEEEARGH.