Thursday, January 12, 2017

Causing Pain

A million years ago, before the Senator from Illinois was officially running for president, and back when people occasionally pretended to care what happened in the bloogersphere, one of Obama's guys gave me some shit about holding Obama to a higher standard than we held other politicians. I even forget what the issue was. I think he was trying to suggest that it wasn't fair to hold the black guy to a higher standard, which is a true enough point that it gave me pause and I thought about it for awhile. But the reason, even then, to hold Obama to a higher standard was that a) he already had the charisma and standing to have some influence b) He could probably win re-election for life in Illinois no matter what he did, so no excuses c) He had higher political aspirations d) his people cared enough about his broader reputation to spend 5 seconds talking to sucky bloggers like me about it.

Anyway, you find the pressure points that work. Some Dems don't care. Some might. They can't stop everything horrible that comes out of this Congress/administration, but when they blow things in 2018 and start blaming the voters for not voting for them (quite the unique electoral strategy), we can remind them why they really lost.