Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hell St.

I try to resist responding to every one of our idiot manchild president-elect's idiot tweets, but his most recent tirade about how John Lewis's congressional district is poverty stricken hellhole hit all of my pet peeves. I mean, his district includes a combination of prosperous (a lot!) and less prosperous bits of Atlanta and is a high income/high education (average) one.

But basically this is Trump's view that all black people live in hellholes and all urban areas not within 15 feet of his golden palace in the sky are hellholes. A lifetime New Yorker but really where he'd rather be is a expensive suburban country club residential development somewhere. Which is fine, he's entitled to his preferences. But 70 years on this Earth and it seems like he's seen his penthouse, some golf courses, the occasional glance out his limo window, and that's it other than 24/7 cable news. Strange life, given his resources.