Thursday, January 26, 2017

I Live On Hell St.

Trump's lying about my city, saying that the murder rate is steadily increasing. It isn't.

Too many people are killed, of course, but the man who never leaves his golden palace believes that life in cities is like all of those dystopian 70s movies. The best you can say is that he's just a typcal commenter. More worrying is that this is a Bannon-esque vision of military occupation of places where black people live. Time to send the Feds into Chicago. Probably the truth is somewhere inbetween.

I live about a mile from where the action was today. I never worry about safety, or at least I worry much less about violent crime than I worry about being run over while being a lawful pedestrian. Cities like Philly have problems, but not the ones the Trumpkins imagine.