Sunday, January 22, 2017

It Doesn't Matter

You know, low inauguration attendance is just something for stupid liberals to respond to with "hur derp President Trump is a big loser hur derp" and then move onto something else the next day. Sure there's some value in all of the evidence that the guy who won the election isn't exactly supremely popular, which does but shouldn't impact how the press covers him, but mostly it just gives something else for team liberal to make fun of Tiny Hands about. The Tiny Hands thing is the same. Both are only "funny" (also incredibly scary but we also have to laugh or drink ourselves to death) because the most powerful man in the world actually cares about these things. He's awake at 4 AM obsessing about TV ratings, still claiming (and having his flunkies claim) that he won in an historic landslide, and losing his shit because more people showed up to see the black guy get inaugurated.

The point is, we know it doesn't matter. He thinks it does matter. Eek.