Friday, January 13, 2017

Politics As Usual

One gets a lot of pushback for criticizing Democrats these days. What about Trump yarglebargle!!! But, you know, I'm just a madman with a blog and I'm pretty sure those with lots of power/money, the people who have been entrusted with our votes and money to fight the good fight, those that in many ways monopolize that fight, are more in a position to curb the worst of the Trump era than I am. People can't be like "zomg Trump fascism AHHH!" one minute and the next minute support the Republican agenda by backing big Pharma (just an example) with the usual transparent bullshit excuses.

La Resistance needs them to step up, and the most I can do is flap my little butterfly wings occasionally and try to get them to do it.

So far, as the man says, pretty sad!