Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Good Old Days Are Back

Everybody forgets now, but we didn't really spend the aughts trying to influence George Bush. We couldn't do that. We spent the aughts trying to get horrible Democrats to not be quite as horrible, and the media covering the whole thing to not be so horrible. If we couldn't stop the horrible things we could maybe at least stop the Democrats from owning all of them. Saving them (and us) from themselves was a big part of it. I didn't know if we could stop Republicans from privatizing Social Security (we did! yay us!) but we had to do our best to make sure it wasn't all bipartisany. It's the usual "if everyone is to blame, then no one is" combined with the Democrats' love of running on the slogan, "Not quite as evil as the other guys!"

This all buried in some legislative procedural stuff in the Senate, but basically last night 13 Democrats in the Senate voted against allowing cheaper drug imports from The People's Republic of Canadia. Some hope you don't notice, and some don't care if you notice. Some do care. I bet Cory Booker, who took some time off rescuing pets in front of TV cameras and posting inspirational quotes on the website twitter dot com to show how woke he is to help to make sure you have to pay more for lifesaving drugs, cares quite a bit if you notice. Someone's gotta be the Dem candidate for president in 2020, after all.

His DC office number is:

(202) 224-3224

His Newark office number is:

(973) 639-8700

They care a lot more if they get calls from people they represent generally. People who have worked in Congressional offices always say this and mostly they're right. But when the phone lines are jammed because so many people are calling they don't have time to care about who is calling, they just want it to stop.

Call DC if you don't live in New Jersey, call Newark if you do.

Get an explanation for the vote, if he has one. Let us know what it is!