Thursday, January 05, 2017

They'll Be Liberal For The Next 20 Years

Even once they begin the "White Power Hour" to replace Chris Hayes.

For years Fox was the conservative network, CNN was the liberal network, and MSNBC was the "moderate Republican" network, as evidenced by their shows The (Michael) Savage Nation and Alan Keyes is Making Sense (no this did not make any sense). I'm not talking about the reality, I'm talking about how they were perceived in the press. It didn't matter what happened on the networks, it just meant that Fox was justified by the existence of CNN, and vice versa, so there was balance in the world.

Then MSNBC took some steps to become actually liberal. And in primetime it was. Throughout the day it was news about politics in at a time when the president was a Democrat. Not exactly liberal, but the presidency does shape these things. And then of course there was Joe Scarborough's morning drinker show, which lasted about as long as their evening liberal block, but which everyone pretended didn't exist because it didn't fit the narrative.

It doesn't matter how many conservatives they hire. MSNBC will be "the liberal news network" for the next couple of decades in how they are perceived by the rest of the press.