Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Totebaggers No More

One difficult thing during the Bush years was that a lot of people who fancied themselves to be pretty liberal still had a hard time abandoning their Totebagger upbringing. You know, compromise is good, if it's bipartisan it is, by definition, good, we need unity, we need to listen to each other, the truly great politicians are the ones who cross the party aisle, "both sides" have good points, really, if you think about it, those Gangs of Wankers in the Senate are the true saviors of our nation, we must follow our leaders in a time of war, etc. This is mostly style and process stuff, not actual policy, but it's the bullshit "we just need to come together" version of politics that's been sold to suckers for decades. Was always just a con game on liberals, of course.

Suckers no more.