Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Unfair Competition

Normally we think that sweetheart tax deals and similar at least steal jobs from one state and move them to another so there's some local justification for it (increase the tax base even though we aren't making them pay any taxes!!!). Of course, quite often it's just screwing other local companies.

Can the largest mall in America get built without some financial help from Miami-Dade County?

That’s the question well-funded opponents of the American Dream Miami project want answered before county commissioners give preliminary approval Wednesday to a zoning change needed to build the $3 billion retail theme park planned for Northwest Miami-Dade.

The large malls that would compete with American Dream want commissioners to preemptively ban the planned six-million-square-foot complex from pursuing a special taxing district that could divert millions of dollars from Miami-Dade coffers and into infrastructure expenses that developer Triple Five would otherwise have to pay.

pssst..don't tell them about what's going in New Jersey...