Tuesday, February 28, 2017

ACTUALLY, Segregation Was Just What Black People Wanted

That's part of what DeVos's gibberish is expressing. HBCUs gave black people a choice! (the only choice, but factschmacts) and they CHOSE to segregate themselves and this was wonderful!

Increased segregation is part of the goal of the school choice movement, because exclusionary zoning designed to maintain racial segregation has proven to be an imperfect tool for achieving it, especially in larger districts, as occasionally overachieving uppity black people manage to buy into their white utopias and rub their dirty elbows with their darling ivory spawn, and sometimes poor white people get left behind with the black poors.

It is an egalitarian vision, really. Rich AND poor white people should both be allowed the benefits of segregation. It's what black people want, too, after all!