Thursday, February 02, 2017

Conservatives Are Horrible People

Sure you can find me a "good conservative" but that would just be a conservative who is basically a liberal but doesn't want to throw off his/her long term tribal identification. In contemporary society, the things I might disagree with conservatives about but are admittedly arguable are _________ ? I actually have no idea what I'd put in that blank.

I hate the tendency of liberals to seize on to any conservative who validates their views. "Even this conservative doesn't like Trump!" Jeebus, anyone who isn't a fascist, an idiot, or a careerist shill doesn't like Trump. And I'm not talking about the great mass of people who don't pay all that much attention to politics. I'm talking about Leading Conservative Thinkers.

OK there can be utility in it, but that's not the same as elevating their judgment. They've already admitted that their judgment is horrible.