Friday, February 03, 2017

Ethnic Cleansing

It's what they're trying to do, and I get livid when people respond with "wahh wah you're minimzing the real episodes of ethnic cleansing in history." No, I'm doing my best to put a stop to yet another incident. They want all the brown people out, especially but not just Muslims, and they'll use whatever authority they can to do it. They didn't just prevent new people from coming in, they tried to prevent legal long term residents (green card holders) from returning. They've revoked who knows how many existing student and H1-B visas. Again, not just new arrivals or even people trying to re-enter, but revoking the legal status of people already here - people who have invested time and money in education and careers. Those people can be declared in violation, and even if they aren't being deported momentarily, they will be unable to return due for years or ever due to visa violation they weren't even aware they had made. Employers will have workers who have no right to work here - again, unknown to them. Families will continue to be ripped apart.

They don't like any immigrants not married to Donald Trump, but they'll start with the Muslims - because they can pretend to justify that - and keep going unless they're stopped.

They've basically said this stuff without even hiding it. We can continue to pretend to be confused, or not. they say you can still stay on the visa terms, just not leave and return.