Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Everybody's A Messican

Unless you catch them crossing the border, so you don't let them cross the border, you don't actually know.
In a call with reporters Tuesday morning, DHS officials confirmed they were working on a plan to send migrants who had entered the United States from Mexico back to Mexico, even if they were not citizens of that country.


However, former senior Mexican and American immigration officials said it could very well create new security problems along the border, as authorities in each country push unwanted migrants back and forth.

They all look alike, at least the ones we care about getting rid of it, so what's the difference.

As for this:

“Anyone who complained about Obama as the deporter-in-chief,” said David Martin, formerly DHS’s principal deputy general counsel, “is unfortunately going to get a taste of what it’s like when someone is really gung-ho.”

Well, fuck you. Obama was shit on this stuff no matter how many excuses his administration made. That Trump will be way worse does not excuse it.

President Obama attempted to focus enforcement efforts on immigrants who had been convicted of serious crimes, and on those who were caught while or shortly after illegally entering the country. Still, his administration deported record numbers of immigrants, most of whom had only been accused of minor crimes and immigration violations.