Monday, February 20, 2017

How Democrats Lost By Winning

Okay there hasn't been a lot of winning lately, but next time (optimism!) there is it will likely inspire a bunch of think pieces along those lines, especially if they win by winning the support of the wrong kinds of voters, and you know who I mean.

I'm not going to make excuses for losing, but the entirely electoral system is rigged against Dems at the moment (electoral college, senate, gerrymandering in the House, and that's even before we get to blah voter suppression), and even so... the Dems don't do so badly in federal elections (the Senate is close, no matter what Trump says the electoral college loss wasn't great, and even the House isn't that bad considering how bad the gerrymandering was because you know, the Dems won the majority of votes cast for all of those things).

Still, they lost by losing, and I bet next time they'll lose by winning, because no matter what, Real America just does not support them. And by Real America, I mean some imaginary white guy in his imaginary pickup truck who knows black people get all the good stuff but who is NOT RACIST so STOP SAYING THAT.