Saturday, February 25, 2017

Is This Who They Thought They Voted For?

I know President Trump is basically the same as Campaign Trump. This is no surprise to some of us, though it is a surprise to all the journalists who wrote "pivot" stories every single day after he had won the nomination and "time to be presidential" stories after the election. I just wonder if man who endlessly whines about the size of his yuge fingers on twitter is really what people thought they were getting.

There are certain personality types that seem to gravitate towards each other in a way I don't really understand. I get the narcissists can be charming but I don't get how they often seem to find each other charming. I thought they'd always want to kill each other. I get that we have a lot of whiny old white dudes who have people in their lives who put up with their particular brand of whining, but I don't know why other whiny old white dudes like them. It's weird.