Thursday, February 09, 2017

Love Him

The funny thing is that it's easy for any Republican president to be pretty popular. I think the asymmetry is fading, but it's still the case the D-leaning people are willing to give Republicans the benefit of the doubt. The totebagger force is still strong. And, yes, they have to make their base happy, but that's also pretty easy. Their base loves to piss off liberals, but spend any time in the fever swamps and you realize they don't usually have any idea about what actually pisses off liberals. Grunt in the direction of those things, be a "kindler gentler conservative" on a couple of things which liberals like and which conservatives like until they realize liberals like them, and otherwise be conservative but not a complete asshole. Even George Bush almost pulled that off until the (lack of) competence thing caught up with them. I mean, I knew all the ways that administration was horrible, but your typical totebagger didn't.