Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Plenty Of Conservative Assholes Left

They publish right wing assholes because the books sell and they don't care who is harmed by them. When there was talk of a Simon&Schuster boycott a lot of people were like "wahhhh what about the good authors why do you want to hurt them" which is the kind of argument that applies to literally every consumer boycott. Of course, even a successful boycott would be unlikely to hurt author sales. Few people know or care who is publishing their book. It could hurt the reputation of the individuals involved with the publisher, making those cocktail parties uncomfortable, and more importantly it could hurt the reputation of them with the vast marketing apparatus for new books which is important, as well as encouraging other new authors to look elsewhere.

Abusive racism and sexism are fine because they sell, and advocating an absurdly low statutory age of consent is not, presumably because it doesn't.