Monday, February 06, 2017

Screw The Ads

Wonkette is trying to go ad free, which means readers should give them all your money. Joke, but like everything else in media, the ad model is the worst except for all of the others. Google eated up most of the online ad industry, taking most of the money with it, and what's left over is increasingly intrusive and annoying (popovers, auto-on, whack-a-moles, etc.). I get pitches from ad companies about every other day, and who knows one of them might make me rich, but I don't have it in me to trial a new company every other month only to discover 1) the ads are horribly annoying 2) they don't pay much 3) they don't get around to paying me. The pitches are usually lacking in detail.

I like amazon because the ads aren't too annoying if you'd all just remember to click on one or just insert "&tag=eschaton-20" somewhere as it is in that link (or just bookmark one of my amazon links and click on it before you buy anything) then I could get even more of Jeff Bezos's money.

Obviously some online media companies make it as purely commercial ventures, but the dirty little secret of some of them is that they're a success because they have "investors" who aren't really investing, if you know what I mean.

Not fundraising right now. And I'm not going to claim you should SUPPORT THIS SITE TO STOP TRUMP because that's silly. But I try to run this place as little like a business as I can, both for my sanity and for your lessened annoyance. When the time comes, remember that while I have ads I keep the annoying ones away (to the best of my ability) and I don't harvest emails or otherwise try to use your information. Putting up posts is only part of what I do. Some of it is gently trying to keep the commenters from killing each other. Mostly I succeed (and mostly because I'm lucky enough to not have horrible commenters). Anyway, bloggers gotta eat like everybody else. Doing my best to keep eating without running autoplay ads.