Friday, February 03, 2017

Thanks, Obama

We used to call this the scariest jobs growth chart ever. Sure the number of jobs kept increasing, which was good, but they increased a lot more slowly than they did after other recessions. The Great Recession is the weirdly forgotten economic catastrophe that hit the United States. "Both sides" had their own reasons, to some degree, to downplay the catastrophe - Obama because he "fixed" it, and Republicans because they had no fix for it.

We all want to look back with fondness on the Obama years. There are thing to be fond about, and in comparison to President Pig Fucker, the Obama era will be our happy place, but the economic record was, overall, horrible, and not something to be cheered. Our system really demands that people have uninterrupted prosperity from adulthood to retirement, or they're pretty fucked. And a lot of people were pretty fucked by this recession.