Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I really don't get public officials who are brought down by dumb shit like free trips.

In an indictment unsealed Tuesday, prosecutors paint a portrait of a craven politician willing to do favors for friends willing to help him in return.

In one February 2012 text message exchange quoted in the filing, Williams allegedly agreed to help a friend of Mohammed N. Ali, a Philadelphia business owner, by offering to see about shortening the prison sentence the man faced as part of a plea deal with the District Attorney’s Office.

Within days, Ali offered to send Williams on a $3,000 trip to the Domican Republic resort of Punta Cana, prosecutors said.

Especially as this is the stupid shit that brings public figures down and a DA should know that.

Seth used to come to various progressive meetups back when he first running, saying all the right things. I voted for him. He was a big disappointment even before this, basically because he's just a stupid asshole.