Sunday, March 12, 2017

"Bush Sucks" Was Not Enough Until It Was Really Sucky

I used to joke that this blog was easy during the Bush years because I just spent the whole time finding new ways to write "Bush Sucks" over and over again. That wasn't really true, though. Much of the energy of this blog, for what it was worth, was directed at making the Democrats suck less. "Not quite as evil as the other guys" and "we'll do war but better" and "vote for me, this smiling face, but I won't mention what party I belong to on my website" didn't work so well. Yes the Dems won in 2006 without ever quite changing their message or strategy much, but in 2006 things *really sucked.* Rahm Emanuel took all the credit for the 2006 victory, of course, but it was the crazy netroots that had planted a bunch of money for winning candidates in that wave election. Rahm's pets didn't actually do all that well, even in a wave election. The point isn't that "netroots" candidates always did super well - focusing on overlooked candidates in ignored districts is no guarantee of success, obviously - but that the powers that be candidates that ate up all the money didn't do super well, either.

The good news is Democrats are now willing to say "Trump sucks." It was a challenge to get them that far (Bush sucks, Republicans suck) in 2006, when things really sucked. But it wasn't enough to win until things really sucked.

"Trump is doing all of these horrible things" won't be enough, either, unless things really start to suck. "Vote for us, and we'll _______" needs to have something in that blank.