Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Crass Trump

If he didn't have the manners and style of a white trash lottery winner (invoking a stereotype here), I'm not sure what elite centrist pundits would find objectionable about Trump, except maybe the foreign policy stuff, as the State Department, "Intelligence Community," and Military-Industrial complex hold great powers over our pundits. I suppose it's good that we're starting to discover that taking away health insurance from people isn't very nice, but so is not providing it in the first place. It looks like they're making Trumpcare even worse than the first proposal, but the first round wasn't actually worse than the pre-Obamacare framework unless I missed something. I guess the lesson (which people need to learn over and over and over again) is that nice government goodies (which the best parts of Obamacare are) function like a ratchet. Lock in the status quo, and it's hard to go back.