Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Doesn't Take Too Many Degrees Of Separation

My basic premises are (argue with them, if you wish):

1) Everybody not on Medicare, Medicaid in some states, or with a good (they're all increasingly less good, with copays and other nickle and diming going up at a minimum) employer based plan, or maybe a GOLD exchange plan, has crappy insurance.

2) Some people have good insurance, some people have crappy insurance, lots of people have no insurance.

3) Even if you have good non-Medicare insurance, if you get sick other than "give me a course of antiobiotics, doc" sick, just dealing with insurance becomes like a second job. This is rather difficult if you are sick. Because you are sick. Cracking the "insurance code" - learning who to call, what to say, for what purpose - is, by design, difficult. If you figure it out maybe it isn't too bad.

Anyway, point I'm trying to make is that at a bare minimum, the administrative costs of being sick are yuuge, and that's even before we get to paying for things your insurance company doesn't cover or is pretending they don't cover.

4) Basically everybody over a certain age has been sick or knows somebody fairly close to them who has gotten sick and has had to deal with this stuff.

Given 1)-4), how are there nonrich people (and even them - richie riches are notoriously cheap) who think our medical system is OK? I really don't understand this.