Friday, March 10, 2017


A while back, a certain writer who shall not be named (in part because this is from memory because I am too lazy to hunt through linkrot to find it and so consider it a hypothetical rather than a fact), in making an argument in favor of cutting the estate tax, claimed that no rich people actually pay the estate tax as they just spend a bunch of money to do proper estate planning so stupid liberals should stop trying to preserve it. I suppose government estimates of lost revenue due to estate tax repeal could be totally wrong, but whatever. The more hilarious thing was this person's "evidence" was that all of the rich kids from the elite private high school talked about it, and none of them would be affected by the estate tax when these failsons and faildaughters finally got what was their birthright.

I know the truly rich are not like you and me (unless you are truly rich, in which case the paypal link is off to the left somewhere), but I still have a hard time believing a bunch of 17-year-olds really had intimate knowledge of daddy's plans for what would happen to his money when it was time for his dirtnap.

We're all storytellers, I suppose.