Monday, March 06, 2017

Free To Be Just Like Me

One thing I learned watching the glibertarian movement over the years is that there's a weird contradiction at its heart. Namely, just what is this freedom for? Libertarianism combined with a kind of status quo worship of meritocracy basically means it's people who have the cultural trappings of "success" define themselves as life models. There isn't even all that much pot smoking among the "Republicans who want to smoke pot." It's basically preaching that society should reward you even more for having the right haircut, going to the right schools, getting the right education, wearing the right clothes, and liking all the right things! And it would if not for all the blah people taking all the jobs due to the iron boot of the state's affirmative action!

Glibertarian freedom is older upper middle class white dudes being rebellious by drinking bourbon and being in a shitty dad rock band. The freedom to conform, basically.