Monday, March 13, 2017

No Class

I don't care if Trump donates his salary. The whole thing is stupid. But much like lying about donating money to Veterans and pocketing the money, this is the kind of venality which shows a man who isn't just an asshole but is unaware of how to even pretend to not be an asshole. You know, all the rich people you want to impress would be impressed by this stuff if you could get away with it and tell them about it on the golf course, but they aren't impressed with it if you get caught in public. Which you will. And it will make you, and your friends, look like the horrible assholes that you all are.

MSNBC requested details and documentation about any salary donations from the White House, the Treasury Department and the Office of Personnel Management, which all declined to say whether Trump has donated any of his salary to date. (OPM referred questions to the White House.)

Last month, White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the website Politifact that Trump "will be giving" his salary "back to Treasury or donating." The site noted the White House "declined to answer several inquiries into whether Trump has gotten a paycheck already."

Donate the salary and then take the money from some other pocket of change. Everyone expects you to be an asshole, and some even cheer it, they just expect you to do it with a bit more class.