Thursday, March 09, 2017

Nobody I Know

It's perfectly accurate to say that overall the DC press is in a "bubble" and has a "bias" which is due to the fact that they're from a rather homogeneous group of relatively well-off people who went to elite schools (not universally, of course, but mostly). For some reason this always is interpreted to mean that they don't get "real America" which are middle aged white guys who don't live on the coasts and who are the contemporary versions of Archie Bunker (in imagination, or actuality). I think it's fair to say the DC press doesn't get this "real America," even though they actually relentless pretend to cover it. But they also don't get the real America that lives 15 blocks away from then in DC, the real America that lives in Flint, the real America that lives in rural Northern California, etc... etc... etc...

And when it comes to issues that clearly directly impact a minority population, they can't even bring themselves to punch up the representative interest group numbers they surely have in their files to get some commentary much of the time. They never have any problem finding Bill Donohue to (wrongly) represent all Catholicism, but the whereabouts of Muslims remain a mystery