Sunday, March 05, 2017

That's Big

I mean this with no criticism intended, but it has long puzzled me how much local news "talent" can get paid. I mean, good for them, I just find it surprising.

This time, it's the Rittenhouse home of 6ABC "Action News" anchor Monica Malpass that showed up for sale in a Century 21 listing. Malpass has been at the station since 1988 and continues to lead 6ABC's award-winning "Inside Story" program. She's lived in the coveted Rittenhouse property, located at 2004 Delancy Street, since 2005.

For the voyeurs of the world, here's a look inside her home, which is asking $4.9 million. It has six bedrooms, five bathrooms and 8,200 square feet of space on a "quaint tree-lined block on the National Historical Registry." And if you're into basketball, the third-floor gym has a wall-mounted hoop.

I know someone who lives in a nearby similarly sized house and... 8,000 square feet is yuuuuuge.