Wednesday, March 01, 2017

They Know Even Less Than What They Say

Trump just lies.

I'm not really interested in metaphysical discussions about the nature of Trump's falsehood perpetuations. He's obviously someone who doesn't really care if he knows whether things that comes out of his mouth are true or not. Besides, we all lie a bit in various ways so those whole pretense that LYING is some sort of horrific crime is silly, and since it's elevated to such a high level of crime people are loathe to make the accusation. The real crime is believing or passing on those lies when your job (supposedly) is to communicate truth to your viewers/readers.

Trump lies. His administration lies. All politicians and all people do, to some extent (fine #notallpoliticians and #notallpeople). The journalist's job isn't to condemn them for that, it's to not aid the con by helping to mislead their audiences.