Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bumbling Not So Supervillains

As I've said, we won't always appreciate incompetence, and should not underestimate the damage this crew is capable of doing to people (and already has), but I am glad the sense of immediate panic is gone. That he read a bunch of racist books does not make Bannon a supergenius (why, in DC, a place where basically everybody has an Ivy equivalent degree, people are are willing to grant the title of "intellectual" to anyone who claims to have read a few books is a discussion I will leave for you...). Trump obviously isn't. The rest are like commenters who were banned from Red State because they were too stupid.

No longer do we get the hourly lecture that WE SHOULD NOT FOCUS ON TRUMP'S TWEETS THEY'RE JUST A CUNNING DISTRACTION. They are what they are: a cranky old guy yelling things at the television while watching Fox News. Yes, he happens to run the world, but still.