Monday, April 10, 2017

Not A Competent Partner

Whether by design or incompetence (the evil or stupid question, basically), I predict the UK will never have a decent process in place for dealing with current EU residents.

BuzzFeed News understands that capitals want to see a very clear plan to guarantee the rights of EU citizens affected by Brexit, not simply a political declaration. Citizens will need to be able to hold proof of their rights in their hands. This will probably require an administrative arrangement that is both convenient and efficient.
At the moment, Britain’s 85-page residency application form fails to meet these requirements: Among those that applied in the second half of 2016, more than a quarter of EU citizens had their applications rejected, including a number of people who had worked and resided in Britain for years.

I'm sure everyone with money or who knows the right people will have no problems, and everyone else will live in bureaucratic limbo forever, while the Mail plasters their front pages with regular stories about how the French, or whoever, are "mistreating" British citizens living in France.

Conservatives there, as here, lack the empathy gene.