Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Onward to Syria

Obama certainly wasn't perfect on the issue of blowing up people in other places, but in some ways he did slow our perpetual march towards perpetual wars everywhere.

A play, in 3 simple acts:

Act 1: The Brookings Fellow, who says we Must. Do. Something. Even with Trump in charge! Even if it requires bashing Obama!

Act 2: The Moustache of Perpetual Destruction:

The least bad solution is a partition of Syria and the creation of a primarily Sunni protected area — protected by an international force, including, if necessary, some U.S. troops. That should at least stop the killing — and the refugee flows that are fueling a populist-nationalist backlash all across the European Union.

Act 3: The drunk at the end of the bar, I mean the president: