Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Truly The American Dream

I'm trying to parse all this, but it just sounds like everything Bad about our fucked up and bullshit economy.
She begins, “Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center –the Secaucus hospital where inpatient admissions have dropped to fewer than 30 patients a day – is slated to be sold to a multimillionaire real estate developer who owns a pair of surgery centers in Bergen County.

Like the group of investors who bought Meadowlands in 2010, Yan Moshe has no experience running a hospital – and his surgery center in Hackensack has been cited several times for failing to meet safety regulations. If the state approves the sale, the Long Island developer will put up just $5 million of the $12.2 million price for the hospital and the current owners will lend him the rest, according to documents filed with the state. He is to pay another $26 million for the hospital's land, which had been sold in 2012.”


The hospital's current owners have agreed to pay the mall developers $6.6 million over 10 years for the rights to run two first-aid stations and a wellness center at the mall, and to have two ambulance bays there to transport patients to Meadowlands, the application for state approval of the sale said. Employees of mall retailers would also be able to join the hospital's network of physicians for physicals and disease-management.”

Shady failing hospital looking for lifeline by hitching themselves to a taxpayer funded megamall that will likely never open, presumably by "forcing" employees of that megamall to get their sketchy medical care.