Friday, April 14, 2017

Trump Voters Still Love Trump

Editors seem to assign this article daily. Go find some Trump voters and see if they still like Trump. It's a very strange genre. It seems to be motivated by "zomg we don't pay enough attention to white Republicans think even though all we do is cover white Republicans" but the premise is weirdly "I can't believe these people still like Trump." Not that the articles say that, but that they're written at all carries this implicitly. It isn't newsworthy that Trump supporters like Trump unless this is somehow surprising.

For confused reporters, I'll explain it very simply: Trump voters don't care about most of the issues Trump claimed to care about in the campaign. They were just applause lines. If Fox and Breitbart had spent 3 months going on about the "Zipperhead Protocol" they'd have screamed in delight every time Trump mentioned it, without caring what it meant. A lot in America is fucked up and bullshit, so Trump supporters have legitimate economic grievances like the rest of us, but they don't really see politics as a way to solve that. They see politics as a reality show in which their guy is winning and stomping on the face of the losing team, a team which includes blah people. Keep the racism going, keep pissing off the loser liberals, keep sticking it to the blah people. That's what will keep them happy. It was never about the ex-im bank or Chinese currency manipulation or whatever the hell, it was about kicking the shit out of loser liberals. Go Team Trump!