Saturday, May 13, 2017

And There You Go

Nixon and the tapes is practically the origin story of modern American politisc. And yet...

Visitors to Trump’s office have often recounted moments that indicated that someone outside the office was listening to their conversations.

Last spring, when two Post reporters visited Trump in his office for another interview, Trump, in the middle of telling a story about how he demolished the Manhattan landmark that had stood where Trump Tower is now, asked his guests if they would like something to drink.

In the same quiet voice in which he’d been conducting the interview, Trump said, “Okay, two waters and a Coke.” The interview resumed and less than a minute later, a secretary walked in with the drinks. No one other than the reporters and Trump had been in the office. And Trump never signaled the drink request to anyone outside the office.

That isn't the oval office, but, well...