Sunday, May 28, 2017

Everybody Should Learn To Code

One of my (I am getting old and cranky so there are many) pet peeves is any version of this. All knowledge is good. Some learning also teaches you to think and learn better. Some skills might have good job prospects associated with them, but such things are "trendy" to some degree so by the time you decide you should learn to code you will have probably missed the gravy train.

I've heard many versions of this: everybody should learn a bit of economics, everybody should knit, everybody should garden, everybody should study math, everybody should study Latin, everybody should take humanities, everybody should be STEM majors, everybody should learn an instrument, everybody should..

I mean, everybody should! It's all good. But we can't all do it all, and while a bit of generalization is good, we all gotta specialize a bit both in our vocations and avocations...