Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Police (#notallpolice) attitude towards liberals is always a bit surprising. I mean, we support their right to unionize and don't complain too much about their pay and overtime and benefits and pensions. Sure we might have some different attitudes about appropriate use of force and whether suspects should go to jail for months because they can't afford bail, but I'd think the "earning a nice paycheck" would be a bit more important than those things. We're on your side on the stuff that I would expect to matter. When the Supreme Court outlaws public unions, well, we tried to warn you. Probably a bit more important than whether your crooked buddy gets fired (they never get fired) for beating up and stealing from a suspect.

While it is a one party town and good money is on the reformer DA to win easily by virtue of the fact that he has a D after his name, the police and other parts of the legal establishment will do their best to stop him. It will be interesting.