Monday, May 01, 2017

It's Like a Taxi, But A Bus, And We've Solved All The Cost Problems

I don't want to be negative about all transportation "innovations" but there's always a sense that people who have never ever used mass transit, and therefore have no idea what the purpose of it is or what the word "mass" means or what scaling is or what costs/benefits are, think they can come up with an app or invent a perpetual motion machine or make cars bigger on the inside than the outside or whatever, and disrupt everything. They probably can't.

Bridj, a Boston startup that tried to merge the ease of hailing an Uber with the efficiency of commuter vans, abruptly shut down this weekend after funding talks fell apart, leaving thousands of riders looking for another way to get to work.

I don't even think this is *necessarily* a bad idea. It's just better jitney vans, which run in certain places, sometimes illegally or quasi-legally. Much like Uber! Could work! Probably just won't make anybody rich.