Monday, May 22, 2017

The Dementia Tax

That the Tories would propose and even implement that kind of bizarrely cruel policy that is pretty much standard in the US (details and mechanisms different, but effectively) does not surprise me, that they would put it in their pre-election Manifesto (platform) was... WTF?

Theresa May has said that a Conservative government would set an “absolute limit” on the amount that people pay for social care, in a U-turn on plans included in her party’s election manifesto last week.

The prime minister claimed that the inclusion of a cap, which comes after even supportive newspapers dubbed the plans a “dementia tax” triggering days of backlash, was simply a clarification.

She's lying, but it's bizarre. No reason to think Labour can win, but polls suggest May managed to destroy a likely Tory landslide. And the climbdown still is a cruel policy. It just won't hurt rich people quite as much! Like an estate tax, but only for poorer people!

...some more context.