Tuesday, May 09, 2017


I'm not necessarily even anti-gondola-as-transportation, but this is just an amusement park ride.

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Jon Stahl has invested four years and hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Cleveland Skylift, a lakefront "transport-ainment" project that aims to remake tourism in Cleveland.

The Skylift would give gondola rides along the coast of Lake Erie, with the bonus of "mixed reality" -- facts or videos that would pop up along the glass.

It sounds crazy, especially when you find out he'd need to construct six buildings on the lakefront as stops for his 30-50 gondola cars. But Stahl stands by the idea as a high-tech attraction that would catapult Cleveland in front of tourism competitors like Chicago and Austin.

People who know nothing about mass transit always applaud some sort of "different" mass transit because it's nicer, more individual (PRT!), or cool (ferries). God just go spend a few weeks getting around London on the tube and bus and then think about this. How about building something to make your city a nice place to live, instead of a nice place to visit?