Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bye Spicey

You won't be missed. You're a horrible person working for a horrible person.

President Donald Trump is making preparations to shake up his communications team at a moment when a disciplined public message is paramount, adding to the tumult surrounding the investigations of his White House.

Trump’s most visible spokesman, Press Secretary Sean Spicer, may move into a more senior role focused on strategy that will take him away from the briefing room podium -- and Trump may hire a new press secretary, two people familiar with the discussions said.

I guess Huckabee Sanders won't get the big promotion, either. Who would want this job? It's like the second biggest part of the President Trump show, after Trump himself, and the show is all he cares about. It isn't a performance for the press or for the country, it's a variety show for Donald. The only way to make Donald look good is to be full of shit and have the press stand up and applaud it. Our White House Press Corps isn't perfect, but they aren't that bad.