Sunday, June 04, 2017

Horrible But Small

Always "amused" by American media freakouts when something happens in other cities. It's horrible that 7 people were killed in a clumsy terrorist attack (Vehicles are useful weapons. It is sad that people have figured this out.). Media reports make it sound like people are frozen in the duck and cover position in London. It's absurd. I lived in London during a few terrorist attacks and people hardly blinked. A mile away is like a state away in a big dense city. Obviously it's tragic for the people/businesses/directly affected and immediately nearby, but the "terrorize" part of terrorism of this scale really doesn't work the way the media (CNN wants it to work more than the terrorists do) wants it to. Life goes on, the same way that life goes on if there's a major traffic accident. It isn't that they're precisely the same, of course, but that 18 car pileup dissuades few people from getting on the highway the next day.