Friday, June 23, 2017

No One Should Write A Column Twice Per Week

This is correct! A nice thing about blogging is it allows you to recognize that sometimes you have a good point (or a point you think is good) which requires a just few sentences. Or even one! This is not to say that shorter is always better. I am not trying to write in favor of my usual style. It's just that if you have a two column per week gig then you have to turn those two possibly good sentences into 740 words. Also sometimes your point might take 1500 words! Maybe you have two timely wordy good takes two days in a row! And that won't be an option either! Gotta have one column for Tuesday, one for Saturday, or whatever.

The general point is that even people who have a lot to say and are good at finding interesting things to say those things are going to find it hard to come up with two good 740 word columns on schedule twice per week every week. Year after year after year.

It isn't that writing two columns per week for an absurd about of money is hard work, it's just that a lot of it is inevitably going to be bad work. Though, yes, a lot of the people with those jobs are also horribly bad at them for other reasons.